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Glynn Academy Class of 1969
Memorial Scholarship Fund

In April 2008 people on the Class of 1969 email connection were discussing ideas of what we could give to the school in connection with our 40th reunion. Morris Friedman suggested that instead of brick walks, bells or such we could set up a scholarship fund that would give back to the school and help a needy student get to college. The reaction was overwhelming, and the project was begun. The conversation then turned to how we could honor our classmates who are no longer with us, and Morris said that there was no better way than to dedicate the scholarship to the memory of our departed classmates. Again, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. Since that time Morris researched all the requirements and set up a Federal Tax ID and established a checking account with all the required paperwork processed by him and Tannis Winship Parker. Donations began to be collected and a committee was formed, with members Morris Friedman, Tannis W Parker, Stewart Pittman, Bob Hall, Mark Warren and Mel Baxter.

Next was to execute the steps necessary to acquire 501C3 status to be tax exempt. This proved to be quite overwhelming and Stewart Pittman came up with a solution to this problem and a way to establish the Memorial Scholarship Fund for perpetuity. The Savannah Community Foundation, Inc. is a 501C3 corporation that specializes in investing and managing capital and administering scholarship funds. By partnering with them we are covered by their 501C3 umbrella and our funds are invested and growing. Our short term goal is to initially raise $30,000.00 which will earn enough interest to fund an annual scholarship and cover the monthly maintenance cost of fund management. Morris Friedman, as chairman of the committee completed all necessary paperwork and began with The Savannah Community Foundation in January, 2009. 

In October 2016 we moved our funds to the Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation.

In July 2017 Morris Friedman stepped down as our committee chairman.  Stewart Pittman was selected as the Scholarship Committee Chairman at that time. 

To fund an annual scholarship for a deserving Glynn Academy graduate in honor of our Class of 1969 classmates who are no longer with us.

The scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance for a graduating senior who might otherwise not be able to afford to attend college.

Our target student is one who: has a GPA that does not quite meet the standards for the Georgia HOPE Scholarship; has proven skills outside the classroom; has a proven financial need; and otherwise demonstrates all the characteristics of a dedicated student.

Our goal is that with our financial assistance during their first year of college, the student can raise their GPA such that they would then qualify for the HOPE Scholarship.

By establishing the scholarship fund in perpetuity we will ensure that the fund will remain and continue to help a deserving student or students each year.

To collect enough money to fund an annual, meaningful scholarship or scholarships using the income generated by the investment of principal. Initially collecting from members of the Class of 69 and then opening the solicitation of funds to the general public. This will enable the fund to survive beyond the time when we will be around to administer it and continue to help Glynn Academy Students as long as Glynn Academy exists.

In addition to completing the application form, each student is interviewed by our Scholarship Selection Committee, which is made up of members of the Glynn Academy Class of 1969 and a current member of the Coastal Georgia Foundation.  We use four criteria to guide us in selecting each yearís scholarship recipient.

Applicant must have a cumulative HOPE grade point average between 2.70 and 2.99.
Applicant must supply family background and demonstrate financial need.
Applicant must be a good school citizen with no demerits, excellent attendance and no failures.
Applicant must demonstrate active involvement in extracurricular school and community activities.

We ask for your help, generosity and support in order for this worthy project to succeed. Any donation, no matter how large or modest will help us to achieve our goal of helping a deserving student get to college, to honor our departed classmates and to give back to our beloved school and to the community at large.

Stewart Pittman
Scholarship Fund Chairman

Checks should be made payable to:
CCGF/GA Class of 69 Mem Scholarship Fund

Mailing Address:
Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation
1316 Newcastle Street, Suite 201
Brunswick, Georgia 31520

Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation
P.O. Box 2463
Brunswick, Georgia 31521