Email Archive
Tannis Winship Parker agreed to take on the role of coordinator for our email reconnection project.  In that role, she shares questions or comments submitted to her by our classmates with everyone on the master email list. 

On this page I attempt to consolidate those emails into common conversations or threads.  They are presented here for anyone to read, so that those who were not part of the email listing at the time the "discussions" were held will be able to enjoy the conversations.

1963 All Star Team Photo
Do you know who is in these old photos?
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1966 Brunswick Cheerleaders
Jane Macon Jr. High, 9th Grade Class, 1966
Sidney Lanier 1st Grade (Morgan & Love)
Glynn County Jr. High, 9th Grade Class, 1966
Band Members Reminiscing
Band members remember various out of town trips
Band Directors, batons and blimps?
Ballard Elementary, 4th & 6th Grade Photos
Goodyear Elementary, 1st & 4th Grade Photos
Linda West Forbes shares some old photos
Graduation, 20th Reunion and cars
CB Greer 6th Grade Class
Ballard Elementary, 3rd Grade, Mrs. Clark
Jane Macon Cheerleaders - 1965 & 1966